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Prices vary for bay boats and light tackle boats, please call prior to submitting for more info.
Please specify any relevant details in the Other Notes section. For example: I would like to book 2 days in the date range selected. OR If you can't find all the days in my range, I do not want to book the trip.
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Booking Deposit Acknowledgement

Here at the Angling Company we take pride in connecting our local fishing guides with customers and traveling anglers.

In order for us to book a day of fishing for our customers, we require valid credit card information. Your credit card information will NOT be shared with anyone outside the Angling Company. If we do not receive a valid credit card upon receiving your inquiry, we will be unable to begin the booking process.

Why do we require credit card information?
Credit card information is necessary in order to take a deposit for your day(s) of fishing. This will allow us to hold the day(s) for you and guarantee your spot with the guide we find for you. Otherwise, the guide can be booked by anyone at any time, and you may lose your spot.
The total amount of the deposit will be determined by how many guides and or days you have booked. Our booking deposit rate is $150 per guide per day.
The deposit fee will not be charged to your provided credit card until we have obtained an available guide for your requested date(s). If we are successful in finding an available guide, we will reach out by phone or email to inform you that we have allocated a guide and charged your provided credit card for the deposit.
In the event of a declined deposit we will contact you to try to resolve the issue whether it may be misheard information about the provided card or the financial institution not allowing payment (common issue for out of state charges). If we are unable to find an available guide, you will not be charged a deposit.
After the deposit is charged, remaining balance fees are as follows; Full day $700, ¾ day $600, ½ day $500 (Bay Boats are subject to additional charges per hour increment). These balances are to be payable to your guide(s) plus a recommended 10-20% standard gratuity.

You must read to the bottom of the above policy to confirm.

Guide Cancellation Policy

Guide’s Discretion Weather Cancellation: The guide decides when the weather isn’t good enough to go, and in the event that this happens your deposit is refunded in full. Bear in mind that every day isn’t perfect, and cloud cover and wind do not mean that you won’t go fishing. Please also consider that no one wants to take you for a boat ride and that if the guide is ready to go it’s because he thinks you might find some fish.
Other reasons: If we can find another trip for the guide you had booked, we will refund the deposit. Very often, we can do this, and we are by no means in the business of taking money when a customer couldn’t make the day. That said, every so often someone books a day and doesn’t show up in the morning or cancels their trip a few days before it’s supposed to happen, and we aren’t able to fill the day. When this happens, customers will be charged the full amount of the charter to protect our guides from the financial loss of last-minute cancellations.
If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, we allow up to 14 days prior to your trip in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel within 14 days of your booked day(s) unfortunately your deposit will not be able to be refunded, and you will also be liable for full payment of the day(s) booked with the guide if we are unable to rebook the guide with another customer.

If you do not agree to these terms of service, we will be unable to continue with the booking process. We appreciate your understanding and we hope to work with you now and in the future!

You must read to the bottom of the above policy to confirm.