An amazing day off

Yesterday, I had a day off from both work and fishing. I went to the park to cast a fly rod for a few hours with Kathryn, and afterwards thought it would be worth a look for a small pon. We found them, though I couldn’t buy a bite. After a fly change and letting the water rest, I took a cast on a shoreline and hooked a small snook–a seriously rare thing to do on foot in Key West. Kathryn took the following photos of the giant:

After this, Kathryn had a number of shots at pons and very nearly hooked one that turned away at the last second before error commission. We left for another shoreline, and saw a few redfish that did not want to play our game.

After this we went home. I am still incredibly happy about my snook.

Thursday with John and Kathryn, Friday with John before the LKGA annual meeting.

More to come,