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Working on your double haul

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Line Slip

Casting Direction Change

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The get ready

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How-to Tie: Bonefish Bitters

How-To Tie the Bauer Crab

Simple tarpon streamer

How To Whip Finishing

Starting your thread

How to figure-8 wraps

How-to palmering materials

How To: Posting

How to tie the sock shrimp

How to tie the finnquito

How to tie a marabou streamer

Cuda Fly How To


Tying a Loop in your fly line

TAC Bimini TwistL

Improved Homer Rhodes Loop Knot

Properly rigging a fly reel

Butt Section to fly line connection

IGFA Tarpon Leader

Tying the Cobranagle

Tying a Stealthy Permit Leader

A Little Trick for Tightening Blood Knot

Master the Blood Knot & Improved Blood Knot!

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