How Much Should I Tip My Guide?

Tipping is customary, and a typical tip is usually 100 dollars for a full day and 50 for a half day. As with all gratuities, however, the amount is up to you.

I Had A Great Time When I Fished With You Guys Last Year. Can You Set Me Up With The Same Guide Again?

Of course, but if you enjoyed fishing with your guide you should contact them directly. These guys are our friends and we support you returning to fish with them on your own.

I Have A Special Request, And I’m Wondering If You All Can Accommodate It.

Sure, just give us a call. We are in the business of getting you exactly what you need.

I Found A Guide On The Internet, And It Looks Like They’re A Pretty Big Deal On Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram, And I’m Wondering

Let us stop you right there. While a large presence on social media isn’t exactly a 100% indicator that your guide spends more time on the internet than they do on the flats, gamefish don’t live on a computer (unless they do, in which case that’s pretty cool). The internet is an opportunity for a lot of people to issue information in a very controlled way, and while this is great in some lines of work and for certain purposes, most guides that have a giant internet presence tend to spend more time on that than they do outside fishing.

What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

Weather: The guide decides when the weather isn’t good enough to go, and in the event that this happens your deposit is refunded in full. Bear in mind that every day isn’t perfect, and cloud cover and wind do not mean that you won’t go fishing. Please also consider that no one wants to take you for a ride, and that if the guide is ready to go it’s because he thinks you might find some fish.

Other reasons: If we can find another trip for the guide you had booked, we will refund the deposit. Very often, we can do this, and we are by no means in the business of taking money when a customer couldn’t make the day. That said, every so often someone books a day and doesn’t show up in the morning, or cancels their trip a few days before it’s supposed to happen and we aren’t able to fill the day. When this happens, it is our policy to charge the customer the full amount of the charter.

I’m Not Sure About The Exact Dates I Want To Fish, But I’d Like To Think About Some Options For My Upcoming Trip. Can You Get In Touch With Some People And Let Me Know What You Find, So That I Can Make A Decision When I’m Down?

We are all about customer service, and we can try to accommodate any special requests that you have. We do, however, try to avoid getting a guide together and then backing out of the trip. Often, once we get a guide for a certain date, they will turn down a trip for that same date. If the angler then decides they don’t want to fish, this can be problematic for obvious reasons. Typically, we need to know the dates you want to fish and that you can commit to the trip when we find someone. This streamlines the process and prevents a guide from turning down a trip.

I’m Not A Fly Fisherman. Can I Still Book A Trip Through You Guys With A Guide That Will Accommodate Me?

Absolutely.The guides we work with are adept at both fly and spin tackle.

I Have Kids. Can I Bring Them?

Yes, but bear in mind that flats boats can accommodate two anglers and a guide, so if you have more than one child it’s best to get a bay boat.

I Have My Own Boat, And I Want To Fish With A Good Guide So I Can Learn Some Spots For Me To Go To On My Own. Can You Help Me With This?

Sorry. We work with guides that make it look easy, but that doesn’t mean that it is or should be. These guys have worked hard to find the places that hold fish, and would love to show you how to catch them, but returning to places a guide took you to with your own boat is a serious no-no.

I’ve Never Fly Fished Before, And I’d Like To Catch A Tarpon Or A Bonefish Or A Permit. Can You Make This Happen?

As much as we’d like to, that’s a tough one. This fishery is great, but it’s also very difficult. The best thing to do is to book a fly casting lesson with Nathaniel (40 dollars for an hour for one or two people) and get an idea of what your skill level is before you drop a bunch of money on a guide.

Do I Need A License?

No. The guides have this covered for their customers.

What Do I Need To Bring?

You should bring whatever you want to eat and drink, appropriate clothing, polarized sunglasses, and a camera if you want to. Feel free to bring your own tackle, but bear in mind that the guides we work with can easily supply their tackle free of charge to you while you’re fishing with them.

When Should I Book?

For peak season (April through June), it’s imperative to book well in advance. The guides here fill up quickly for tarpon season, and while it’s relatively easy for us to fill a few days in May months in advance, it gets harder and harder as season nears. For the rest of the season, it’s pretty easy for us to find a guide at the last minute. It’s worth getting in touch with us if you need a day in May, as we at times have cancellations, but when the guides we work with are filled up we don’t start booking less qualified guys just to make a buck.

How Much Does A Day Of Fishing Cost?

For the flats, it’s 650 dollars for a full day of fishing (8 hours). For a half day (four hours), it’s 450 dollars. A bay boat can accommodate three people, and the prices are 850 and 650 for a full and a half day. A light tackle (center console) boat can accommodate four anglers, and the price fluctuates depending on the length of the run and therefore the amount of gas burned in a day. A full day at the nearby reef for yellowtail is 900, whereas a long day to the Dry Tortugas on a bigger boat would likely cost 1500. If you’re interested in catching a blackfin or a cobia on a fly rod, this is the place to do it. Due to fluctuating fuel prices and various sizes of these boats, we recommend that you contact us if you’d like more information on light tackle fishing.