One of the most important elements of your fly fishing experience in the Keys is your guide. This is the person that you'll spend the day with, and their goal is for you to catch fish. In fact, the best part of the Keys fishery is the guides that call this island chain home. To put it simply, the guides here are the best in the world.

There are a lot of places to book a guide in Key West. There are guides that are so hard to get a day on the water with that they're not even worth calling, if you can even find a working phone number for them. There are websites that look like they are affiliated with certain guides, but take a large commission from you when you book. And there are myriad concierges, booking booths, and outfitting agencies on the island that will gladly get you on the water with a guide of suspicious aptitude and take 30% of your money as their finder's fee. When you're paying 700 dollars for a full day on the flats, it's less than thrilling to find that you're fishing with the person who is willing to part with the largest percentage of their fee. In order to cover our expenses, we only take 50 dollars for every day that we book. This means that the guides are making more money, and it allows us to work with the best guides in the lower Florida Keys who will work harder for you on the water.

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