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Name Image Price Description
Charlton SST 8500 1.2, Signature Series Titanium on request

This reel is a beautiful example of the Signature Series Titanium made by Jack and Judy in the early days of Charlton Outdoor Technologies, Inc…

Signature Series 8500 1.2, Jack Samson Signature 6995 USD

This 8500 1.2 is an early example of the Signature Series, prior to the change to carbon fiber as the braking material. The reel was owned by and used by one….

Signature Series 8500 1.2, RH, with Jack Charlton’s Signature, New in Box + Papers + Extra Spool 7795 USD

This offering is yet another from a collection of Charlton Reels that have never been lined or used, and kept in their original packaging.

8500 .8, RH, New with Jack Charlton’s signature 5995 USD

The Signature Series reels, the flagship models of Charlton Outdoor Technologies, Inc., offered the option for the owner to engrave their own signature on the drag knob. Many were, and those with the signatures of famed anglers and guides have offered collectors an opportunity to own a reel that bears the signature of the original owner.

8500 1.2, RH with an extra spool, New in Box 4695 USD

This is yet another example of an unused, never fished Charlton reel. It ships exactly as it did on the day it left Charlton Outdoor Technologies, Incorporated. For a collector wanting to display the spool along with an assembled reel, or an angler wishing to “fish one and save one”, this would be a perfect opportunity.

8550C Bonefish Spool LH 3200 USD

Another used but well-maintained 8550C, this one featuring the bonefish spool. Perhaps too ahead of its time when it was first introduced, this spool and frame combination may actually be the best bonefish reel ever produced.

8550C Tarpon Spool LH 3750 USD

This is a great example of the popular 4.5-inch 8550C reel, featuring the mid-arbor tarpon spool. Of the four spools made for the 8550C frame, this one would have perhaps the largest number of applications.

8600B Spare Spool 1895 USD

This is a rare find: a never used spool for an 8600B in right-hand wind. The largest size of the Charlton Reels lineup, the 8600B was a favorite at first of off offshore and tarpon fisherman before being discovered by Spey fisherman.

8350C 1,500 USD (RECENTLY REDUCED FROM $1,800)

Another recent addition to the our Charlon offerings, this reel needs no introduction. Featuring the popular 1-5 spool, this reel is ready for any light freshwater use on rods from 1-6 weights.

Signature Series 8400 1.6, Matte Finish, Two Handles, No Logo 6995 USD

There are very few reels that come across our desk that we haven’t seen before. One of these is this beautiful 8400 1.6 in a rare satin-matte finish. Made without the Charlton crest that adorned all reels except those that bore the signature of the buyer, the effect is elegant and understated on such a rare size and finish.


Name Image Price Description
Signature Series 8550C, RH, Tarpon Spool, New in Box + Papers SOLD 4495 USD

The tarpon spool was produced for tarpon fisherman, though its mid-arbor size means it has broad applications beyond its intended purpose.

8500 1.2, LH, Blemish SOLD 2895 USD

This reel is mint, save for a small blemish on the outside of the frame. This has been photographed, and while not deep it is through the anodizing. Other than this mark the reel has never been used, and is otherwise mint.

8500 .8, RH, New In Box SOLD 2995 USD

This 8500 .8, perhaps the most popular of the original Signature Series lineup, is in mint condition. Its handle has been oiled, and remains in perfect condition per Jack’s original instructions.

8500 1.2, cork drag, original box and papers SOLD 2000 USD

This reel is a great example of an early Charlton Signature Series that was produced before the shift to carbon fibre drag material. It’s been used a handful of times in fresh water

Seamaster Set, Direct Drive: Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IIIW, Mark IV SOLD Price on Request

As a set, these reels represent the entire line of Seamaster “Mark” reels, all in direct drive. All are lightly use. All have stainless pillars except for the Mark IIIW