Antti Pirinen, John Ain, tarpon fishing with Aaron Snell

Antti Pirinen, John Ain, tarpon fishing with Aaron Snell

Three things worth mentioning, in no particular order:
Last night, tarpon fishing with Aaron was good but not amazing. We jumped a few tarpon in the early evening and found some fish later, but were unable to get tacked to a fish and do some pulling. No capture, yet there were fish around and it was great to get on the water with one of my darest friends and cover some water. Life gets busy at times, and I literally don’t know what I would do without the decompression that accompanies swinging a fly in current, good friends, and a beautiful moonrise.
I spoke with John Ain this morning, and he told me that yesterday he went 1 for 2 on permit, in the back country with his wife and dog (merkin and Shirley, in reverse order). Higher water temperatures, it seems, got it done–from what John told me, it only took an hour of fishing to get it done. He was on the way out with Capt. Travis Holeman when I hung up; here’s to hoping for another few permit in the boat. Also on the permit front–a new client of ours, Ben Raider, caught a nice permit on fly with Captain Mike Gorton. Congrats to both angler and guide for what sounded lke an excellent capture. If I can get a picture out of Ben you will surely see it posted here directly.
Finally, a great email form Antti Pirinen, a good client and phenomenal angler who visits us when he is down in Key West chasing tarpon in the spring. Pictures are below, with a paste from his email. Nice capture; even better hat!!


Pay some attention to
the cap I am wearing… It has been very fishy and truly boosts up my self
confidence:) Good job!


A nice pacific permit:

Good job to all the above mentioned anglers; I have a fair amount of fishing coming up this week so we will of course keep you all posted!



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