After our first two days in Placencia, we packed up a few day bags and headed to Punta Gorda for two days. The weather wasn’t great, and we were dealing with some difficult cloud cover throughout the day and no small amount of rain on the way over.
Eworth brought us to a nifty inside spot, where I had a few shots at tailing permit before seeing a group of bonefish and getting one in hopes of a slam:

In a few hours, as the water moved past the tailing-point, we headed out of the inside area to fish the small keys outside of Punta Gorda. Our fishing was slow, and after three hours without seeing a fish we were starting to fade. We saw a group of three that we missed due to our inattention, though after this another school appeared and gave up the grab to Nathaniel:

We continued along this path, hoping that the same-facing sides of nearby islands would also hold fish. They did, but not in the numbers we hoped: Michael only had a shot at a passing pair and another two large singles before we were completely covered up in clouds and we headed back to the inside.
Here, Michael had a pair of permit that let him throw at them at least six times before they blew out. As they did, however, Michael “It’s-never-too-late” Hetzel put one over their shoulders and came tight. Eworth was concerned it was a jack to begin with, though when we held it in hand it proved to be his second permit of his life and our second of the day:

We finished off with a slam attempt, as I’d done the bonefish and the permit earlier and am always looking for a job to do. This didn’t work, and we headed to the Casa Garbutt in PG for the evening before our fishing the next day.

More to come from part 4….


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