Billy Pate Passing

Billy Pate Passing

The Angling Company would like to pass our great respect on to Billy Pate, who passed away this morning.
Billy was a sportsman, a businessman, and an angler, and as such did more to promote the sport of fly fising in salt water than anyone could hope to. His videos, delivered in his trademark Carolina drawl, of traveling to fish Australia for mako sharks and marlin, chasing tarpon in the Keys, and IGFA world records with Lee Baker in Homossasa, drew our attention to (and held it fixed on) the sport we all love.
And we cannot forget the Billy Pate Reel, manufactured by Ted Jurascik Tool & Die, that re-defined what a salt water fly reel could do. While our equipment may have changed since that reel first went to market, we continue to cultivate the level of commitment that he embodied and expressed with the Billy Pate Reel.

With respect, Billy, and much admiration.


Nathaniel C. Linville
The Angling Company

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