Bonefish and permit

Bonefish and permit

Odd to be writing a report about how great the bonefish and permit fishing is at the end of May, but the combination of a pause in the tarpon migration and the higher-than-normal water temperatures means that more anglers and guides are going shallow. Additionally, it looks as though there is a great number of these two slam-components, so the fishing is good despite the present lack of tarpon.
Not to worry about the lack of tarpon–there is typically a lag in the migration between the two major worm hatches. While it seems dfficult if you’re on the ocean looking for large schools, there are still a few fish out back and in the channels, so anglers who put in the time are still able to eke a few tarpon out.
The fish should be here just in time for next week’s Tarpon Bonanza, and don’t forget to come by the shop on Thursday for free beers at 6:30.

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