Channel Widening Vote Results

Channel Widening Vote Results

So, it seems that we have a victory on our hands. The Key West Chamber of Commerce spent more than twice what we did, and they only won 25% of the popular vote. This means that, for now, the issue has been put to rest. Key West values our natural resource and our long-term visitors more than the cruise ship masses.
On a personal note, I’d like to say how deeply grateful I am to Jolly Benson, Mark Songer, and everyone else who spent their valuable time and personal energy on this project. Hats off, gentlemen.
We are the stewards of both our natural and our business environments. We are organized, we are committed, and we will stand perpetually opposed to myopic interests that would destroy our natural resources for a quick dollar. We remain focused on the preservation of our history, our way of life, and the marine habitat that surrounds us.

We are many and unmoving, and today we are victorious.

Tomorrow with Doug, a report will follow.


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