Cuda Bowl/You know the fishing is great when….

Cuda Bowl/You know the fishing is great when….

First a report on the Cuda Bowl, which took place over the last few days. We will have more specific information soon, as the following is from memory slightly clouded by two days of fishing which was incredible to say the least.
Fly Division Champion Captain Scott Irvine took the Fishbones sculpture home, catching three fish on day one and two on day two. His guide, Captain Bill Stockton, took home the Guide to the Grand Champion sculpture. The Angling Company would like to congratulate both Captain Irvine and Stockton, who took time out of their busy schedule to show us all how it’s done. For those of you looking for a good guide–these guys are a great place to start.
The largest fish on fly was a 46 inch barrauda caught by Nathaniel Linville, fishing with Captain Aaron Snell. They also won the coveted “smallest fish” award, and thanks to Bill Heindl and the Square Grouper Restaurant for providing the awards for these categories.

Now for the second part of this report: Youi know the fishing is great when:

You know the Fishing is great when….
…When you catch a bonefish on a 7 inch barracuda fly on a wire leader.
…When you get back to the dock and see a video of Jeff Pierce, the rep for Mustad Hooks, hooking a permit on fly with Capt. Justin Rea, gtting a knot in the guide, and tossing the rod overboard. After letting the fish run, they chase down the moving rod, clear the tangle, and LAND THE FISH. Hats off to both angler and guide on that one–nice work!
…When you hook a cobia off of a nurse shark on the flats
…When you see and have shots at tarpon, permit, bonefish, barracuda, cobia, sharks, and jacks in a cingle day of fishing.

If ever there was a time to fish in the lower Keys, this is it. The fishing is, quite honestly, transcendental. Now get out there!!

Here are some photos of the Cuda Bowl sign in on Thursday night, more to follow.

Tight lines (as if anyone needs the help out there right now…)


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