Current Conditions

Current Conditions

The fishing remains pretty steady down here, though if you were out there today you either got seriously wet or called it an early day–maybe both. Our summer storms continue, however, alongside the incredible permit and bonefish action on the flats.
I’ve been hearing that there are some large tarpon still around, though they’re tough to find and tough to feed.
I’ll be gone from 14-20 August, so the reports will be blank for a while. As I’m getting ready to leave, I have no fishing planned in the coming week–though this might change, based on the number of meetings etc I have coming up my hopes continue to dwindle.

In other news, I saw from Tim Borski today a photo of the new Angling Company 2013 shirt design that’s under construction–obviously, it looks pretty amazing!

Here are some photos to keep you coming back:



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