Current Conditions/Last Week with John

Current Conditions/Last Week with John

While I write this, I’m wishing I was fishing. The weather has turned around after a brief drop in temperature yesterday, and the fishing seems to be good (though windy).

I’ll know more about what I missed today when I fish with Drew Delashmit and Kat on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Earlier in the week, after the two days with Doug and Jesse, I fished with John O’Hearn.

Day One:

After my expectations were heightened by great fishing for permit the day before, a thick fog rolling in to the beginning of the first day was not concerning. John and I figured it would burn off, though it kept us from getting to where we were going for three hours. When we finally arrived there, the fog lifted but briefly. We saw a single fish before being re-cloaked in what now felt like a low cloud cover. We bumped another two fish as we pushed on, and by early afternoon we had a single shot to show for our still clouded efforts.

We finished in the fog, seeing two fish that nearly gave us a chance before spooking out. As we returned to the dock the fog (of course) lifted and we got the only sunshine of the day pulling the boat.

Day Two:

With fog again surrounding us, I couldn’t convince John to stay away from tarpon fishing. We looked for an hour until we decided we should stick with the permit plan and headed in that direction. The fog dissipated in the early afternoon, and from then on the weather was stellar. We found a group of permit and threw our best at them, and while we came close to a bite we were left without any tension.

After a brief look elsewhere, we returned to the site of our discontent and finished out the day throwing at fish we couldn’t convince to bite.


more to come after the days with Drew and Kat.



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