Current Conditions/Sugarloaf Showdown

Current Conditions/Sugarloaf Showdown

At the moment, I haven’t been fishing much. John Benvenuto and I went out for a day of exploration on Monday, and we had a great time. We fished some new pieces of water that we’ve been meaning to look at in the Cuda Bowl, and while we found the bottom and depth we were looking for we were unable to locate any numbers of the teeth.

John caught a few smaller fish that measured over the 24 inch scoring minimum in the Cuda Bowl, and we lost a decent fish that attacked the fly but didn’t stay buttoned. All in all it was a great day, and one that I was glad to spend with John.

In other news, the conditions at the moment look great. The permit fishing has been quite good, and the bonefish have been around in good numbers. The barracuda are in places but not in numbers, though my guess is there will be enough to keep people busy in between the permit and bonefish. The Sugarloaf Showdown starts tomorrow, and I’m of course rooting for Kat and Drew to repeat last year’s victory.

I’ll put the results up here when the tournament wrap up. The weather will remain good throughout the weekend, and for the people that are out there all I can say is I’m jealous.
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