Everglades with Andy and Aaron: Part 4

Everglades with Andy and Aaron: Part 4

So we left the great masses of rollers and looked for some shallow sliders.
We found a fish relatively quickly, and it looked big enough. One cast and an eat, one jump, and I reeled in the slack to see a class tippet that was chewed through. My guess is that the fish was hooked in such a way that when it shook its head the jaws touched the 6 lb–something that light line doesn’t tolerate very well, for obvious reasons.
We had another stalk on a large fish, this one definitely record material, though it never ate. In an attempt to get the fish to see the fly I tried to put it quite close; in retrospect, I may have led it by a few more feet as I see the photos Aaron took and the fly is over the fish’s back. One more fish that blew, and there you have it.
We went back to the large groups of rollers and had a few more shots on the way home but never hooked another fish.

Below are the photographs of the slinking. Thanks to Andy Thompson for a GREAT day on the water, and here’s to doing it again.


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