Everglades with Andy Thompson and Aaron Snell: Part 1

Everglades with Andy Thompson and Aaron Snell: Part 1

The 6 lb record didn’t happen. Here’s an account (with pictures) of what did:

We met Andy at the ramp in Islamorada at 6:30 and were on our way to the Everglades by 6:45. The weather was beautiful and the water was glass calm. A quick run and we were fishing.

We didn’t see what we wanted to at our first spot, and moved quickly to another. Andy saw a group of fish in the channel, and we had a few hop onto the flats and snake along before heading back into the deep water. In short order Andy spotted a fish in very shallow water and we poled over to it. The fish was moving erratically, and we approached it three times before we lined up a good shot.

The fly landed and the fish had an opportunity to grab it, though for some reason it didn’t. We had a few more shots before it blew, and when it finally did we headed back to the channel to hook one of the now-plentful rollers. We did manage to feed one, though I never came tight and the only indication I had (in addition to the boil on my fly) was a tattooed shock tippet.
After we left we stopped to investigate a small rattlesnake swimming in the channel, and got some great photographs before letting the little guy go back to trying not to get eaten by a tarpon.

I can only load 4 photos at a time into these reports, so see part 2 for more….

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