Fishing in Vermont

Fishing in Vermont

I know…this is supposed to be a Key West centric fishing report page. But I haven’t been in Key West for a week, and I figured everyone is just dying to know what’s good with the wild brook trout population in Weston, Vermont.
I also assume there to be interest in how hard they are to catch, which if you can find them isn’t very. This is the one and only trout I caught in an hour of fishing with Jim Linville:

We saw a couple larger fish, but they were too smart for us.
And how, you ask, did Jim do? Well, let’s say he was able to get a few bites. The problem, as I see it, is that when fishing for such giant fish one needs to attenuate their hook-setting. Jim did not, which left the fish wondering what insect it was precisely that was hatching one at a time and then disappearing at a much-past-mach speed when threatened.
Overall I had a fun trip, though I can only stand the whole not-fishing thing for so long. More to come, as I have a few days planned this November.


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