Fishing last night

Fishing last night

Last night I fished with Captain Bryan Holeman and Jesse from Sage. I cut out early from work, and we drove to Sugarloaf, launched the boat, and proceeded to reel many of them in. I would write where we went and for what reason, but I’m sure you already know.
By the end of the evening, we had hooked 5–of those 3 jumped and two were landed, one I grabbed and got the fly back. We broke one fly line and a rod, and had much fun.
A great evening and one I was planning on repeating tonight, but Bryan got a trip (ironically (or unfairly) it came from my shop…haven’t figured out how to feel about that yet).
The highlight of the evening was finally getting Bryan’s truck-boat-combo (which was decidedly bear-sized) backed up in the driveway, after the third attempt.

Good times, fishing Monday and Tuesday with Aaron (Dave Dalu will join us for the second day) and with Raymond on Wednesday. Reports and photos will follow.



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