Fishing Lately

Fishing Lately

Since the March Merkin, I’ve been getting out with Ian Slater a lot to get some practice in before the tournaments. We’ve been working hard, catching fish at times and at others wishing for better attitudes. Last week we caught a nice fish that would have been a joy in a tournament setting that we had in hand in under ten minutes and looked to be around 110 pounds, though the day prior we had a pair of bigger fish come off next to the boat that would have been tragic had it happened in an event. Earlier this week we caught a couple smaller fish on the day that the weather was decent, but the wind on Tuesday shut the fishing down. Despite our efforts, we never saw a fish but remained ready the whole day in case one made its way into casting range.
We are deep in preparation at the moment, trying new flies and techniques, looking for an edge we might be able to exploit when it matters. This week coming up is the only one I’m not fishing with Ian, instead heading out for a day with Zach Stells and another with Brandon Cyr as Carl’s guest.
Reports will follow,


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