Fishing on Tuesday with Simon

On Tuesday I fished with Captain Simon Becker. We were joined by Kathryn Vallilee.

We started on some nearby areas, hoping to find some permit to throw a fly at. Kat had a shot at a single, though for the first hour or so the permit fishing was slow. Following this, we relocated to an area nearby for a change of scenery. The fishing started slow, though soon picked up: we had a half dozen permit shots, two of which were very high quality, before a school of large bonefish diverted our attention to parts shallower. I had a few shots at schools of bonefish, and while I was distracted from the ring in my pocket I was still able to get a small bonefish to comply. We released the fish and headed out to slightly deeper water to look for a permit. I had a shot at a close group of fish, and then another at a single that blew off the boat. Oddly, it was the single we’d flushed that gave us the most interest–bobbing and weaving behind the fly, I was convinced that the fish had finished the job before it scooted away.

No matter, as where we ended had more permit targets in store for us. Kat and I waded after a school of tailing fish, and while she didn’t get a bite the casts were good and the fish stayed tailing until they saw us and slid off the flat. At that point I took care of the proposal, got a yes, and then remained wading after a different school of fish for 20 minutes. The fly was among them more than once, though maybe hooking a permit after getting engaged was, admittedly, asking a bit much. The day ended perfectly, and we headed home.

More to come next week with Ted and John, and then it’s Belize with the fiancee.