Fishing this morning with Raymond

Fishing this morning with Raymond

This morning I fished with Captain Ray Vasquez. We left early and arrived early at the spot; by 6:30 we were fishing. Ray was up first, and we were in fish from the beginning. He had a few shots before one appeared to eat the fly; through no fault of his own (the fish may have missed it; we were too busy fishing to check the leader for abrasion) he didn’t come tight.
A few casts later Raymond hooked up; as he fought the fish, we saw more around the boat–it looked like it was going to get good.
What actually happened was not as great as we hoped, the tide fell off, the fish stopped swimming, and the clouds covered us up.
I had a number of shots that didn’t produce, and even though a fish tracked the fly for a while I couldn’t get one to eat.

We left after 4 hours of fishing, and had only our first fish to show for it.

Aaron sent me the following photos, one of a permit (which seem to be around at the moment) and another of our big fish from Monday. Enjoy, I’ll be back on Monday.



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