Fishing today

Fishing today

Aaron Snell and I met at the shop this morning at 6:30. We cut loose the Borski canoe from the ceiling, and put it in the back of his truck. We began at the pond near his house, and landed a few baby tarpon from shore before launching the vessel and heading to the other side.
While we did not catch any tarpon from the canoe there, we did manage to capture the largest iguana he or I had seen after a half hour of chasing it through the mangroves.
Additionally, we saw some snook on the other side and had a few shots at them before they took off and left us snookless.

Following this, we went to some local estuarine ponds. After putting the Borski through a small mangrove slot and dragging it over a sunken aluminum sentry boat, we came across a few baby tarpon. We hooked one immediately, and then followed the un-bothered school along the shoreline and picked another few off from the pack before they lost interest.
We saw a few more fish, and even had a shot at a laid up fish before retiring.

All in all a tremendous day, one that again proves all you need to catch fish is a fly rod and some willingness. Coffee always helps.



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