Fishing with Bruce

Fishing with Bruce

On Monday and Tuesday I fished with Bruce Chard. He had a photographer friend in town, and our plan was to get some pictures of fishing in August for Bruce’s upcoming book. In the spirit of keeping things (painfully) real, events transpired to keep it challenging.
The first, an ongoing chemical burn that I was receiving throughout the day from being soaked in gasoline at the pump and not changing my clothes, which has left me with a nasty burn in places that are usually well-guarded. The second? Incessant cloud cover and a decided lack of fish, which meant that I could concentrate fully on the pain. Despite this, Bruce managed to push us into three shots: one at a few bonefish that I missed, one at a school of ten permit that I also missed, and the third at a large single bonefish, that resulted in the following capture:

We had a few shots at redfish, and another couple at passing pushes that were unidentifiable.
Day two was equally as difficult due to the weather, and while less acute the pain had grown in scope and gravity. We had a passing shot at a school of bonefish, but the weather was again prohibitive. We fished a hard eight hours but were unable to make it happen, and as it was the bonefish from the day before remained our only capture of the three days.,
I’d like to thank Bruce for a serious effort, and as always it’s great to fish with an eye towards getting something done.

Monday with John O’Hearn, Tuesday with Justin Rea.

Reports to follow.


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