Fishing with Howard and Drew

Fishing with Howard and Drew

On Wednesday I fished with Captain Drew Delashmit and Howard Davis. We left at 8:00, and after a short run ended up on the ocean. I was up first, and in about an hour we had a shot. Another hour, another shot. Then began a trickle of fish: a school that turned around, another string, and it looked as though things were improving. With the water temperatures rising and a good number of fish moving the day before, we were convinced the pour was going to begin at any moment.
Soon a group of 4 fish appeared, and Drew pushed the boat into position–two medium sized fish, a small one, and a giant in the rear. Our first cast was on target, but none of the fish in the school even blinked as the fly swam through them–even the little one. Our second shot put the fly on a bad angle, crossing the school over their backs, but the little fish peeled off, turned around, and lined up–something I would have gladly settled for. However, before the little fish could eat the fly I was tight; I set the hook and cleared the line, and we all watched as the large fish shook its head and took off. It didn’t jump, though we could see quite clearly that it was large and very upset. After chasing it for 15 minutes, we got close enough to pull on it. Finally, it jumped; and Drew was ready with the camera to capture some flicks of a good ocean swimmer, in prime condition:

We eventually got the leader in the rod and broke the fish off; a perfect release.
After that I retired to watch for fish, and it dried up: just like that, our fishing was over. We looked in two more spots and only saw a few fish as we were leaving one; at 4:30 we went home.
Fishing with Howard and Drew was phenomenal, great guys both and one of the nicest days on the water I’ve had this year; thanks to both of them for a great day!



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