fishing with John

fishing with John

The name of this fishing report reminds me of a DVD by the same name that is probably the best fishing show ever. Guests include Tom Waits, who does a great job ice fishing. Anyway, if you haven’t already seen it look for some clips on YouTube before committing: it’s humor misses the mark with a few people…
Fishing with John was great, although we only fished one day of the scheduled 2. Sometimes it pays to be safe.
We began early in the morning, and from perhaps the largest school of tarpon I’ve ever seen came 3 bites over the course of an hour. Later, on the ocean, we hooked another 10 or so fish–what an amazing day and what a pleasure to fish with John O’Hearn. As far as the six was concerned, none of the fish were big enough (one appeared to be close, though not close enough to take) and we struggled to keep the hooks in the other fish for more than a few jumps. Perhaps this was the less-aggressive ocean bites, me off my game, or the lack of hook-setting motivation that accompanies throwing in to a school of fish and watching a small one charge the fly. That said, it was a great day on the water.
At 4 PM, I headed in to the dock for dinner and a worm investgation with Bruce Chard. We saw few fish and even fewer (read: zero) worms, but still managed to hook two fish from the evening rollers. The second stayed buttoned, and we followed it under some swim floats and back again before breaking it off. A caught fish, by all rights, and a great battle.
Later, I heard a few reports that the fishing in Key West was difficult…still waiting on that new push of fish to get our lower Keys mojo in order.
Worms happened, though not in the way that everyone seemed to be hoping for.
Sunday I start 3 days with Doug, and I will keep up.


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