Fishing with Steve, Part 2

Fishing with Steve, Part 2

Day 2 began with clear skies and warm water, and our fishing showed improvement. We fed a large fish at around 10 AM, and pulled the hook out of it’s mouth on the hook set. Immediately thereafter, we hooked a large fish that stayed connected. We survived the first set of jumps and we fired up the motor to follow the fish, that we agreed was around 110 lbs and would surely beat the existing 88 lb pending tarpon record on 6 lb.

After the first hour, the fish rolled and we were able to take a shot, though it didn’t work out and the fight continued.

After a few more jumps and rolls (less than we would have preferred), I moved to the center of the boat to give Steve the bow if we had another opportunity. As I was pulling, the line went slack. I reeled it in, and this is what we saw:

After 2 hours and 5 minutes, the hook finally broke. It’s a fine line between a hook small enough to penetrate on 6 lb and one strong enough to survive the pulling over time, and this time the fish won.

Onward to part 3…

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