Fishing Yesterday, update

Fishing Yesterday, update

Yesterday I was invited to fish with Jim Vincent for a day with Captain Lenny Leonard. We left at 8 AM, and returned to a few of the locations they had found fish the day before.
Our first spot gave us no indication of the fish that had been present, until about an hour in when we changed location slightly and found a few laid-up creatures to throw at. Jim was up first and had a great shot at a fish that moved on his fly; sadly, it did not eat. He had another shot that landed right; this fish waggled instead of wiggled, and it didn’t gobble. I was up next and had three or four shots at fish that were sliding and changing direction often; I was unable to feed one.
We left that spot for another, and had a few hours of relatively sporadic fish passing by us; Jim had a few leans, as did I, but we couldn’t get the dry-cycle to engage. After the tide changed and the marching stopped, we ran a ways to what we hoped would be better fishing.
At our third and final location I was up first. I had two shots that were to fish that had perhaps already left their line, but finally two fish–a small one in the lead and a bigger fish in the rear) crossed our bow and gave us a clean shot. My first cast landed where I wanted it to, but neither fish moved on it. I picked up and re-cast for the Shot Of Eternal Optimism, and the lead fish spun around, cracked open, and did what we needed. I came tight, set the hook, and caught the 40 pounder; we all felt very glad that we had at least gotten it done.
Jim was up for the rest of the day (at this point, only two hours remained before Lenny had to return for a night trip). His chance came when Lenny spotted a fish close to the boat. Jim put the fly in front of it, like a boss. The fish opened up its mouth and ate the fly; however, with the wind pushing us down towards the fish and the fish swimming towards us, he never came tight. We all watched as the fish opened its mouth a secon time, only this was for the exit of the fly. A feed, by all rights, just no drying.
Aaron provided me with a few photos of fresheez, if you’re into that sort of thing:

Tomorrow morning I’m fishing for a few hours with Fitz, and a report will follow when I get to work after our morning jaunt.



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