Fishing yesterday with Aaron Snell

Fishing yesterday with Aaron Snell

Yesterday I fished with Aaron Snell. As much as I fish with Aaron, we hadn’t spent a day on the water in a few weeks and it was great to be out with him again.
We began fishing a spot for laid up fish, and while we didn’t see many we were able to feed a large fish a fly. The running line, however, wrapped around my finger and broke the fish off–a good reason to be happy that I was fishing 16 lb tippet and not the ‘unlimited’ tackle that has often proliferated in the pursuit of tarpon. The fish broke off, and we were off to find more.
It’s worth noting that we were looking for fish in places that have not yet seen great numbers this year. We saw a few in one area and a single in another; the fishing, despite our best efforts, wasn’t living up to our hopes. No matter; we were on the hunt for new things, and didn’t mind waiting through the lean for what we thought we could find.
As it turns out, we never found the fish–they eluded us and we went home about 6 PM. Friday I fish with Aaron again, and there is a chance that I’ll slip into Bruce Chard’s schedule for Thursday.
More to come.


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