Like most destination fly shops, we do a brisk business fly business. Given the great variety of target species in The Keys and the complexities of our fisheries, we have taken it a step further than your standard mass produced fly selection. We are constantly looking for new flies and twists on old favorites to fill our fly box at The Angling Company. In addition to our respectable stock of commonly seen imported flies from Umpqua, Montana Fly and Rainy’s, we have a unique relationship with Dave Skok, a well known independent fly tier from Boston. Dave and Nat talk often, especially during tarpon season, and these conversations spawn a constantly revolving inventory of unique, beautiful and deadly-effective flies that you can’t get anywhere else. They’re tied to be foul-free and durable, with the right weedguard and cutting edge or long forgotten materials. From Dave’s no-foul take on traditional splayed hackle tarpon flies, to custom-painted dumbbell eyes on Merkins and Diablo Crabs to perfectly balanced Gurglers, Dave’s flies are truly working art.


If you want a selection, just call or email us with your requests and we’ll set you up with the right flies for your chosen destinations, species and seasons. We can also send you pictures of our current in-stock selection, which is in constant rotation. Act fast if you see something you like, as Dave rarely ties the same exact pattern twice. The Angling Company is pleased to work with a tier as creative and talented as Dave Skok.

Nathaniel Linville

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