Last week with Doug/Current Conditions/Upcoming

Last week with Doug/Current Conditions/Upcoming

The last day I fished before a small window off the water (in which I am in the middle of) I fished with Captain Doug Kilpatrick. Fitz was unable to make a day he had booked in advance, and since Doug and I are fishing the Gold Cup we conspired to practice fish for a day.

We started out in an area that was going to fish best later, and in the process had a few hours of intermittent action before the push began. When it did, we were surrounded by fish. We played the numbers for a few hours, feeding two and drying one of those two off. We moved and fished somewhere else, though returned to the area for another stint in the later afternoon, which led to another bite and some more drying though no capture.

The fish we found were unhappy, far from compliant, and even with our concerted efforts interested in playing a very small amount of ball. We had a great day, however, and I am looking forward tons to fishing the Gold Cup with Doug.

Currently, the wind continues. Those brave enough to put themselves in the mouth of the windmill are seeing and catching a few fish, though it is proving to be difficult. Aaron Snell provided the following visual representation of what is happening out there:

In upcoming fshing news, I have a pair of days on Monday and Tuesday (19-20 May) with John O’Hearn. On Tuesday we will be joined by Dave Dalu, and reports will surely follow.


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