Last Week with Joe Rodriquez and Scott Collins

Last Week with Joe Rodriquez and Scott Collins

Last week, in the final throes of preparatory fishing before the Goldenfly, I fished a day with Joe Rodriguez on Monday. My parents were in town for the week, and had five days booked, so on Mother’s day my father and I fished with Joe and my mother and Kat spent the day on the water with Simon Becker.

After a long run in some deteriorating conditions, a plan came together to spend our time grinding it out. We had enough shots to keep us interested, but the fish were unhappy in the wind and we never got a grab. We called it a day early, not wanting to beat ourselves up for no reason. I was impressed with our effort, and while we didn’t hook any it wasn’t for lack of effort on Joe’s behalf. Some days, it seems, are better than others.

The next day I fished with Scott Collins, in what was the last of fly fishing for the week. We had a good start with two leadered fish in short order. The first was lost when we grabbed the shock, and the next came off when the hook bent out. Our fishing continued, but slowed in the afternoon. We took a break for lunch, and in the last two hours of fishing had another two bites. In the case of each we secured the leader release, but were unable to grab the fish for a proper Gold Cup release.

More to come–I’m headed up to Islamorada for the Goldenfly, and I’ll be sure to write it up when it’s done.





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