Last Week with Simon and Sean

Last Week with Simon and Sean

Last week I went out for a day with Simon Becker and my friend Sean Morton. We had no set plan except to have fun and ply our craft on the water, and met early in the morning to get started.

Early on, Simon had us looking for tarpon. We didn’t find any, and as the sun crept higher we moved on to elsewhere in search of the same. Our second spot yielded the same results as the first, though at our third stop things got good–and quick. Sean had a few shots at a school of smaller tarpon in some deep water, and after we took a few shots at these creatures we ended up on the flat proper. Singles, doubles, and small groups all traveled by, and we took what shots we could get away with in the calm. The fish were in great supply but the static air made for tough fishing: often, a cast would get arrive as the fish were already turning away. Sean hooked one after maybe an hour, and the fish threw the hook before we could initiate the launch sequence. The next shot was mine, and I couldn’t have had things easier: a decent sized school of small fish hanging in the current greeted us as soon as I was on the bow. I’d love to say I hooked one on my first cast. Or my second. Or even my third. In the end, four casts was what it took to get one of the little tarpon hooked. Thankfully, once it was hooked I was able to redeem myself and bring the fish to the boat for Simon to grab before we let it go. Sean stepped up again, and while we had good fishing for the next hour and a half it proved to be still calm and increasingly difficult.

We left the tarpon grounds in search of permit, and I took to the bow for the first flat. After a bit, seeing nothing, we decided to move on. At the next bank, nothing. Our third yielded the same, though we did have a fun run-in with a giant box fish. I haven’t hooked one since the Del Brown last year, and this is still a fish I’d like to catch a few more of. The fish ate the fly twice: the first time I came tight the fly came out soon thereafter, and while it took a few casts and some coaxing to get the fish to bite it again we finally hooked it a second time. The second hook up lasted to the reel and then some, but the fly still fell out halfway through the fight. It looks like I’m going to have to re-tool my box fish box of tricks.

Soon, we left for another faraway place and Sean hopped up to hone his permit skills. As devoid of permit as the last few stops were, this one made it all worthwhile. The fish showed up immediately and gave Sean maybe six shots in the next hour. We saw tailing fish, mudding fish, and more than a few just traveling through. They weren’t interested in playing with us, however, and after Sean took a break I only had a few half-opportunities before we left for one last spot on our way home.


I’d like to thank Simon for another great day on the water, and Sean for joining us. Hopefully, we can do it again in the future.
Dave Skok missed his flight, so he arrives in the afternoon tomorrow. Starting at 5 PM he’ll be holding it down in the shop, showing us all how it’s properly done at the vise.

Monday and Tuesday with Simon, Wednesday with John–where we’ll surely take a few tosses with the 2 kg.


More to come



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