more tarpon fishing

more tarpon fishing

Yes, it’s good. Last night we fished with Captain Aaron Snell–Jim and Vicky Linville, Fitz Coker, and Dotty Ballantyne. While we didn’t see a large number of fish, we still managed to hook three large fish and bring two to the boat for a leader-in-the-tip release.
Jim had a very large fish eat his fly at the end of his retrieve, no more than 5 feet from the point of the bow–a good example of why one should always be prepared (and retrieve all the way to the boat!) when covering water for tarpon.
Below are some photographs of Vicky and me fishing with Captain Lenny Leonard on Monday, 11 April. Saturday I am headed out with David and Kendall Miller with Aaron again, and I hope to have some photographs to put up here.

(all photographs courtesy Vicky Linville)
Looking to retrieve the fly:

Lenny getting splashed:

The one that didn’t get away:



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