8600B Spare Spool

8600B Spare Spool

Condition: Unused, New in Box
Retrieve: RH
Drag Material:n/a
Serial Number: n/a

This is a rare find: a never used spool for an 8600B in right-hand wind. The largest size of the Charlton Reels lineup, the 8600B was a favorite at first of off offshore and tarpon fisherman before being discovered by Spey fisherman. This large diameter reel turned out to be the perfect size for the largest of Spey lines, retaining enough retrieve to catch a large salmon or steelhead when the line was pulled off of the reel. It’s currently being offered for sale as a spool only, though with the listing of the 8600B (SN 8600-9084) it would be possible for a buyer to get a spare spool for their new 8600B—something that has been nearly possible for nearly twenty years. The handle has been oiled and this spool is ready for battle in either fresh or salt water.

Ships in the box in came in, with a blue cordura case.

Price: 1895 USD