Signature Series 8400 1.2, matte finish, two extra spools SOLD

Condition: Unused
Serial Number: 8015
Retrieve: RH, convertible
Drag material: Carbon fiber

The 8400 .8 was produced in low numbers, and the 1.2 version of this reel was even rarer; perhaps only the 8400 1.6 was manufactured in lower quantities. This reel was made as part of a set, in the aforementioned matte finish, along with a pair of extra spools (three spools total). These spools would of course be interchangeable with any 8400 1.2, but as they were made together they are being sold as a set. The back of one spool is solid; on the other two it is ported. Each of the extra spools comes with its own pouch, as does the reel. A unique assemblage of spools and a frame that are likely the only ones of their kind.
Price: $4495 SOLD