Signature Series 8500 1.2 SOLD

Signature Series 8500 1.2 SOLD

Condition: Unused, New in Box
Retrieve: RH
Drag Material: Carbon Fibre
Serial Number: SS10558

Description: Unused, in the box, and kept in perfect condition. This reel is part of a collection of Charlton reels that have never been used. It’s a great example of a truly mint 8500 1.2 for a collector or an angler wishing to use one that has never been lined or fished. The handle has been oiled, as Jack instructed at purchase, and there is no rust on the interior or exterior stainless pieces. The 1.2 was originally intended for use as a 9-11 weight reel, though with the increase in desired reel size lately we would recommend it for a 9- or 10-weight rod.

Ships with its original box, pouch and paperwork.

Price: 3895 USD SOLD