Signature Series 8550C with Offshore Spool SOLD

Signature Series 8550C with Offshore Spool SOLD

Condition: Unused, New in Box
Retrieve: RH
Drag Material: Carbon Fibre
Serial Number: 8550-9584

Description: The 8550C with the offshore spool was, in many ways, the pinnacle of Charlton engineering. The cooling fins on the interior of the spool were made in opposing directions depending on whether the spool was destined for a RH or a LH frame, and were a machining nightmare. The result, however, was a spool that would cool the drag housing when a fish ran. Overkill? Quite possibly. Awesome? Of that, we have no doubt.

To that, add the fact that this reel has been, since it was made by Jack and Judy, completely unused. The box, the paperwork and pouch are not only included, but are themselves in great condition. For a collector or a fisherman looking for the Rolex of fishing reels, this is the one to get.

Price: 4995 USD SOLD