Report/a photo, catching up

Report/a photo, catching up

I must apologize for the lack of reports lately; the shop has been very busy, and I’ve been catching up with a lot of less-than-thrilling things like receiving and re-stocking.
That said, I have been fishing though mainly at night. Two nights ago I was invited on a last-minute trip that Alex Powers had put together with Aaron–every one of the four members of our party hooked at least two fish, and one of their party caught his first tarpon–always a pleasure to watch.
The fish on the flats have been around, at least the tarpon. That said, it seems that the annual permit exodus from the flats has happened earlier this year than in years past; perhaps we’ll see their return similarly early, which would lead to some interesting worm hatches (in my mind, anyway).
A few days ago Aaron provided me with the following photograph that would make any angler weak in the knees:

That’s it for the moment. Tuesday I plan on fishing with Sandy Horn and David Weeks, and Thursday and Friday Andy Mill and I fishing with Aaron.

Reports to follow those days of course, and I’ll be throwing 6 on Thursday and Friday.



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