Shark video/tarpon update

Shark video/tarpon update

First (and right and just) things first, it would be irresponsible for me not to share this link to a video that James Linville sent me.
Most importantly: When can I go do this?
Second, as much as I wish that every day on the water would be amazing, I must confess that tarpon fishing was rather slow on Saturday night. Captain Aaron Snell took us to a number (5, actually), of spots–none of which had the number of tarpon we were hoping for. That said, David Miller had a few phenomenal shots at tailing permit, a few of which seemed to be following around a large lemon shark. Not every day can be epic, but it was beautiful to be on the water, especially in the company of such great people.
Tomorrow I have been invited to fish with Howard Davis and Captain Jacob Shemper (he of alligator gar photo providings in our photo gallery).
A report will of course follow.



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