So much tuna

Last night, despite pressing obligations at the shop, Aaron and I headed out to try our luck at tuna fishing. There was plenty of bait around, and while we left the dock at 5 PM, by 6:00 we were laden with pilchards and headed out to tuna territory.
We arrived at the spot, and it didn’t take long for the little tunny to show up. I caught one quickly,

and then Aaron hooked up. I hooked another one, and Aaron passed me his rod since he was occupied with the camera. Given that I wind on the right and he rinds on the left, it was an easy proposition to reel them both in for a while before handing the rod back to Aaron:

Following the tunny extravaganza, we began to see some schools of mixed tunas (blackfin, skipjack, and the ubiquitous little tunny) busting on the surface. We also saw a sailfish in a school of tuna as we approached–things were getting wild in the pre-sunset light.
Aaron put me in the middle of a melee, and I came away with a tunny. Again, and I got a skipjack–a beautiful tuna that fights like a tunny that goes to the gym.

Aaron was up and continued the “tuna drawing”, first pulling a tunny and then, finally, well after sunset and getting towards full night, hooked and landed a nice blackfin; we took photos but none turned out since it was too dark.
Not a bad way to spend an evening, and especially cool to get all three on our fly poles.

Welcome to fall.