Solstice fishing with William and Aaron

Solstice fishing with William and Aaron

Yesterday I decided to fish with Captain Will Benson, and we were joined by Aaron Snell.
The day began late (due mostly to the shortest of days), but we managed to have a great shot right off the bat. The fish followed it and seemed interested, but did not commit.
We had a few more shots at a handful of fish, but none ate the fly, a shrimp fly tied by Dave Skok. Aaron deployed the tube lure on the spinning rod on as as-needed basis, and we hooked a couple barracuda as we bumped along. Another few shots at permit and we moved again.
The next spot brought us near a group of jacks in a channel, one of which was struck by my fly in the anal fin. While I was fighting the fish, I heard a great commotion erupt behind me; I turned around just in time to see a hole in the water and Aaron’s rod doubled over. On the other end was a very large blacktip which quickly came off and took with it Aarons instrument of destruction (and right-hand of God), the tube lure.
Here’s a picture of my jack:

When we left that area and moved on, Will found a school of permit in some deeper water. A few casts at them and they disappeared, but showed again about 50 feet farther down. One cast into them and I was connected, and then I reeled him in.

We dropped Aaron off and went back out for the afternoon, where we had a few shots and did not capture.

Many thanks to Captain Will Benson for the great fishing on the shortest day of the year, and to Aaron for keeping a photographic record.

Happy holidays!

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