Tarpon fishing the last three days

Tarpon fishing the last three days

On Saturday we left the dock by 9 AM and had hooked a fish by 9:45. Light wind, clear sky; fishing in pretty limited areas (due to our plan of catching the 6 lb record) we had hooked four fish before 3 PM. Actually, it is worth noting that one of these four fish, the largest of course, jumped vertically after the fly and pushed it aside with her bow wave.
The other three fish were not of sufficient size, and either threw the hook after a less than enthusuastic hook set or were broken off after a few jumps for fun.
The next two days…blowing 20 MPH and the water dirty, fish nowhere to be found in the areas we needed them. It’s sort of like showing up for a crystal castles concert and finding instead a coffee shop open mic.
Standing on the bow for 8 hours, hoping for a fish to appear, might at first glance seem to be annoying. Well, it is. But the desire that it represents, the commitment it cultivates, is worth the experience. Or something like that.
It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of fish on the ocean and that the wind has subsided, so this week (starting today, actually) is going to be beautiful out there.
Anyway, I have a few days booked with Captain Doug Kilpatrick from the 22-24 of May, to continue my pursuit, as well as another 3 day in early June with Aaron, fishing for the same.
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