Tarpon fishing this morning

At 6:30 (ok….I was a little late…) this morning I met Aaron for a morning jaunt. We decided that it’s high time we got back on the snook program, and after coffee and some time with young Olivia left for a nearby salt pond. There were a few tarpon around, though none wanted to play.

After that, we went to the ocean side of Key West. We walked out along a pier and could see some baby tarpon rolling in a wind slick, so I hopped in and waded after them. I covered water for a while next to the slick patch, and caught a very nice jack on a blind cast. This alone was reason enough to wake up early, though the best was yet to come: After I reeled up I spotted another fish on the far side of the wind line and waded towards it, but was cut short by another fish only ten feet away. One cast, a few strips, and with my leader in the rod tip I put the little guy in the air.

A few jumps later,

and he was in my hands and released unharmed.

One of the things that I enjoy the most is when this sport is accessible, and this morning proved that. With nothing more than a 7-weight rod and some strong coffee, anyone can fish down here and have some great results. Here’s to accessibility.