Ted Margo, Brad Bowman, many creatures

Ted Margo, Brad Bowman, many creatures

I have yet to upload the large report from my four days with John O’Hearn last week, since I only just got photos from Frankie Marion who was on hand to document the proceedings.
In the interim, while it’s pouring rain and blowing 25, here’s an account of my good friend Ted “Teddy Eyes” Margo and his friend Brad Bowman, who is shown with his second tarpon ever below, while fishing with Captain Will Benson. These two had great fishing with Will, and while Ted was unable to defeat team O’Hearn/Linville on the day we had a bet about who would catch more fish, credit is due to them all for a good number of days getting it done.
Photos here:

Report upcoming from my days with John. Tomorrow night at 6:30 is the Smitty and Al’s Bonanza party at the shop, 6 PM.



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