Three days with Aaron

Three days with Aaron

Day 1:
Aaron and I, after a morning spent dealing with lower unit issues, got out on the water at 10 AM. We began by chasing the six, looking in vain for some fish in the shallow areas that would accomodate light line capture. After a few shots at fish that didn’t appear large enough, we elected to move to a backcountry edge and look for migrating schools. On our drift out over shallow water we had a few shots at bonefish and permit, though we did not hook either. After a half hour over white sand and a fly change, we hooked our first fish of the day. After a few jumps, we lost it to a pulled hook and set up again in their line.
Since the fish were traveling shallow, and one doesn’t often get the opportunity to wade for tarpon, I hopped out of the skiff to try to catch a tarpon while wading.

I fed one fish while wading, and had a number of shots, but did not stay connected. After a few hours and failing light, we called it a day and went home for some food and sleep before tomorrow.

Day 2:
We left the dock early, and headed straight to the backcountry for more fun with 6. We had a great shot at one fish and fed him immediately, but the hook came out just as quickly and we spent a few hours looking before we went to the ocean for some fun.
On an ocean edge (you know, next to that point near the mangroves…) we found a great many fish traveling, and we put one up immediately. We fought it to the shallow water, and got this photo before the hook came out:

Five more and I hopped up on the platform, when Aaron fed two before we called it a day.

Day 3:
Another early start to a calm day. Aaron found a few schools early, and after a 100 yard push we finally got a shot at a rolling string and came tight to a fish on 6. After a hook set and clearing the line, we saw our fish jump: all 40 pounds of him. While we would have played longer with him, the hook came out and the fish was gone.
We quickly decided that the ocean was the spot to be, and proceeded to get it done. From 11 AM to 2 PM, I jumped 7 fish and Aaron caught one. The photos from this session are included in the other report from today; I don’t have the ability to load more than 4 photos in the same report.
Here’s the last one:

So, at precisely 2:37 PM, we went home for air conditioning, cold drinks, and burritos. A great 3 days, to say the least. Thank you Aaron.



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