Yesterday with Ray and Fitz

Yesterday with Ray and Fitz

Yesterday I fished with Captain Ray Fetcher and Fitz Coker. Being on the boat with these two is a serious pleasure, as between them they have more tarpon experience than I could ever hope to see in a lifetime.

We started by looking in the wind and clouds for some fish, though after a few stops it became apparent that the fish were where we weren’t. Fitz had a great shot at a single at our third stop, and we left for another area. The day was loping and slow moving, and for most of the time I listened to Fitz and Ray discuss the old days.

Finally, at about 1:00, Ray found enough fish to keep us occcupied for a few hours. Fitz got one to crack open, but the fish never ate the fly and we were left scratching our heads. Between us we had maybe a dozen shots, some of which were better than others, before we called it a day at 3:30.

I’d like to thank Fitz for inviting me along with Ray, and I hope to have a chance to get on the boat with them in the future.

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