Bonefish and tarpon (permit too!)

Bonefish and tarpon (permit too!)

At the risk of sounding redundant, there are and have been a lot of tarpon around. So many, in fact, that people are forgetting about the great bonefish fishing (I would say “bonefishing”, but I am unconvinced of the grammatical propriety (existence?) of this word. Incidentally, if you have any thoughts on this I would be more than happy to hear them. You can reach me through the contact page at this website…)
Moving on.
Since the bonefish are here and the permit are soon headed out soon to make babies, we have taken the liberty of stocking up on some custom bonefish flies from Dave Skok in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is in NO WAY intended to detract from the interest in permit, as there are plenty to go around, but we always like to let you all know that we’re keeping it real.

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