Continued warming/Dotty Ballantyne 1 kg blacktip

Continued warming/Dotty Ballantyne 1 kg blacktip

The warming trend continues, with temperatures today in the 80’s and no end in sight. The wind is light and variable, and there are plenty of tarpon, permit, and bonefish around. If you are a fisherman in the lower Keys, the conditions are amazing!
Congratulations are in order to Dotty Ballantyne, who recently captured the first blacktip shark on 2 lb (1 kg) tippet. According to her husband Fitz Coker, this record was set after she broke off 9 (!) fish, and the last leader they had tied up was used for this amazing catch. With much respect: congratulations Dotty!
Good luck to all anglers on the water today, and don’t forget to send us your photographs!



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