current conditions

current conditions

It figured it would be worthwhile to mention that the weather seems to have turned the corner. Today it’s sunny and warm, and as the warming trend continues I’ll be sure to update the fishing reports with something other than ramblings about the weather.

Monday I am fishing with Joe Rodriguez and Fitz Coker in the park, and the following week I will be in the Everglades fishing with Steve Huff for three days. If you follow these reports you know what happened last year, and I think that Steve and I are both ready to catch the six. Joining us for two of the days will be Jason Schratwieser, who we hope will lend a necessary hand if the opportunity presents itself. The following week I’m fishing with John O’Hearn for a couple days, then the Cuda Bowl with John Benvenuto.

Lots coming up, I’ll post along the way.


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